TRANSWAGGON equips 6.000 freight wagons with GPS

In the course of the year TRANSWAGGON will equip 6.000 wagons with GPS-on-board units. TRANSWAGGON provides its customers with a direct and independent source of location and traffic relevant data.

The TWA Freight Buddy (TFB) is the name given to the system, and already transmits data on the location, impact measurement, running performance and geofencing in its standard version. The “Waggon Operating System” (WOPS), developed by TRANSWAGGON in-house, processes the data further and makes it available to the customer in desktop and mobile applications.

In addition to the standard data, the TWA Freight Buddy will also be able to transmit further transport-relevant information in the future by using specific sensor technology - precisely customised to the needs of individual customers.

"With the TWA Freight Buddy, TRANSWAGGON's service range is another milestone in the direction of ever-increasing digitization and networking in favour of our customers," says the CEO of the TRANSWAGGON group Per-Anders Benthin. "The TWA Freight Buddy shows complex operations even more clearly, which will further increase the high efficiency of TWA's wagon fleet."

In addition, the wagons are equipped with a weather-resistant sticker for the contactless exchange of data with QR code (Quick Response) and NFC tag (Near Field Communication).