Intelligent freight wagons: TRANSWAGGON and ScandFibre equip 6,000 freight wagons with SAVVY® telematics devices

Quality is the investment of the future. Total connected wagons went from 3,000 to 6,000. TWA and SFL intensify partnership with SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland 06th September 2017 +++ Since 2015, and in collaboration with SAVVY Telematic Systems AG, wagon rental company TRANSWAGGON (TWA) and ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) first launched a pilot project to equip 50 freight wagons, and then, in a second step, another 3,000 freight wagons with state-of-the-art (SAVVY) telematics. The objective was to find a suitable technology to use transport-relevant data to improve rail logistics transparency and demonstrate the economic relevance of digitisation strategies.

Encouraged by the positive experience and the proof of quality presented by SAVVY® in connection with the first 3,000 equipped wagons, the upgrade of a total of 6,000 wagons was continued in 2017 and the contract period extended for another 5 years.