What does the TRANSWAGGON group do?

For the last 54 years TRANSWAGGON has specialised in providing wagons throughout Europe for transporting all kinds of dry goods. For this purpose customised railway services have been developed over the past years.

Within this range of service the TRANSWAGGON group now deploys approx. 13,500 modern wagons including more than 1,700 flat wagons and approx. 11,800 covered wagons with hoods or sliding walls. Most of these wagons have been specially equipped with numerous practical devices used to facilitate the loading procedure and to secure the loads.

TRANSWAGGON stands for highly developed wagon technology and experienced specialists who will provide you with professional advice and customised solutions for your national and international railway transport needs. This will allow you to make the most efficient decisions regarding wagon type, the manner and length of time of your use of our wagons, and the use of other relevant railway services.

Along with the development of customised rail transport services and its many years of exposure to maintaining and repairing wagons, TRANSWAGGON also specifically continues to develop innovative wagon technologies.

TRANSWAGGON moves its fleet of wagons throughout Europe using its own customised and decentralised structure with its own traffic departments which are linked to the rail services and cooperating agencies by modern IT data networks.

TRANSWAGGON’s Wagon-Operating System WOPS possesses a web interface (Customer-Information-System CIS) which provides our authorised customers with an overview of the despatched wagons.

The TRANSWAGGON group provides services for almost all industries with a special focus on the paper and wood processing industry, the automotive and utility vehicle industry (incl. agricultural machines) and the consumer goods industry.

Overview of the group

The Waggon Holding AG, Zug (CH) is the holding company which manages the operating units of the TRANSWAGGON group. The operating units include the offices which are responsible for providing customer service and the positioning of the wagons in the respective region.

The offices are supported in their handling of the transports by the commercial agents of the TRANSWAGGON group as well as by outside commercial agents.

Service range in Europe

The TRANSWAGGON group provides its services in an European association of offices and commercial agents.

The group specialises in specific rail transport services for dry goods. Here the focus is on the selection of the right transport means for the specific requirements of the customer. The services of TRANSWAGGON therefore begin by providing

  • professional advice on the most suitable wagon type and the most effective method of handling and securing the load for the respective job.

The customers of TRANSWAGGON can then decide on how long and in what manner they will use the wagons. Here we distinguish between

  • long-term hire arrangements for customised wagons (long-term hire) and
  • travel charter arrangements (short-term hire) with flat rates or on a daily basis.

These offers can also include further services such as

  • complete rail services (including freight, extra charges, etc.) and
  • complete forwarding services including additional rail transport services (transhipment, pre- and post-carriage services, etc.).

TRANSWAGGON provides these services on the basis of the group’s General Terms & Conditions (GTC)

TRANSWAGGON usually lets the customer or the sender select the Railway Undertaking (RU). The customer’s right to select the RU is, however, subject to additional liability conditions especially whenever the RU is not a member of the General Contract of Use (GCU).

Should you have any additional questions regarding our services, please contact our Customer Service Representative / Sales department at the respective offices for further assistance.

Specific customer-related tasks

Today’s customers require their own individual solutions for their rail transport needs and the loading and unloading of their wagons.

We would therefore like to show you examples of the customised services currently being used in the automotive industry and in the railway logistics field.