Gauge - Load limits

Gauge differences limiting the selection of wagons

The historical development of the European railway system has led to the use of different national and regional gauges along with the use of different clearance gauges.

Wagons provided by TRANSWAGGON are principally suitable for being used on standard gauge railway routes (1.435 mm). Other deviating gauges are in use in Finland (1.524 mm) and Spain (1.668 mm) as well as in countries located on Poland’s eastern borders (1.520 mm). For transporting goods to Spain and Finland TRANSWAGGON uses wagons with swap bodies or adjustable bogies.

Because of the limited load profile used in Great Britain, TRANSWAGGON wagons cannot be used in Great Britain. However, all wagons featuring the G1 profile (international profile) can be used freely throughout Europe. Large-volume wagons featuring the G2 profile do not have a permit for being used in France, Italy, Belgium and Switzerland which is why they may not be deployed there.

The drawing shows the international loading gauge (G1 gauge) and the German loading gauge (G2 gauge).

TRANSWAGGON also uses a number of vehicles with special bodyworks which are only permitted for use on specific routes.