Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is TRANSWAGGON a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn?

No, TRANSWAGGON is not a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn but rather an independent and privately managed company.

Does TRANSWAGGON transport hazardous goods?

Our covered wagons are also suitable for transporting packaged hazardous goods. Many of our wagons are also equipped with flash guards as a standard requirement for transporting explosive goods.

Do you also transport goods to Spain, Russia, the UK and Finland?

TRANSWAGGON also serves Spain whereby the axle gauges of our wagons are not converted. TRANSWAGGON either uses a swap body system specifically developed by the company or it has the goods loaded onto lorries at the Spanish border.

Because of the profile, TRANSWAGGON wagons cannot be used in the UK. We can only offer transports to the UK using intermodal traffic.

The railway networks of the CIS countries (1,520 mm), the Finnish railways (1,524 mm) and the Spanish railways (1,668 mm) use a larger gauge (1,520 mm) compared with the other European railways (1,435 mm). Transports to the CIS countries are therefore usually carried out as intermodal traffic with the goods being reloaded at the border.

Do you have wagons with lockable transport protections walls?

TRANSWAGGON currently possess a limited number of Habiills-6 wagons with lockable partitions. The wagon series Habbiins-15 also offers the possibility of refitting transport protection walls as required and to suit customer requirements. In addition, TRANSWAGGON also possesses numerous other efficient transport protection solutions, including systems especially designed for the automotive industry.

Do you possess double-deck wagons / low-loader wagons / container-carrying wagons?

TRANSWAGGON does not possess any double-deck wagons.

TRANSWAGGON also does not possess any low-loader or so-called low-loader wagons. However, we do offer our customers a suitable alternative for transporting hig cube goods and vehicles through our flat wagon units TWA 1060, TWA 850 and TWA 800 featuring floor height of up to a minimum of 80 cm.

TRANSWAGGON does not possess container-carrying wagons. However, our flat wagon units can transport residential, office or building containers which do not require any special securing through container fittings.

Does TRANSWAGGON also provide forwarding and logistical services?

Yes, if required we also offer our customers a complete forwarding and logistical service.

Do you possess 2-axle / 4-axle bogie flat wagons?

TRANSWAGGON does not possess 2-axle wagons.

Our fleet of flat wagons consists of 4-axle tight coupled wagon units of the type Laa…

Does TRANSWAGGON possess any general loading or securing devices?

Yes, the flat wagons of the TRANSWAGGON fleet possess movable scotch block systems for securing pneumatic-tyred wheel vehicles.

Our Habbiins-15 wagon series is also equipped with wedges for securing paper roles in a horizontal position. TRANSWAGGON, however, does not provide other loading devices such as chains, belts or pivoted bolsters.

Does TRANSWAGGON load and unload the wagons?

The customer is principally responsible for loading the wagons and securing the load as well as for unloading and any cleaning of the wagons which may be required. Additional logistical services can, however, be provided on request.