Legal conditions

For your information the conditions of our Internet access and legal instructions (Federal Data Protections Law) are listed below.

Conditions of use of the TRANSWAGGON Internet services

1. General use

The use and the calling up of the TRANSWAGGON Website is subject to the following conditions. TRANSWAGGON does not recognise any other contradicting conditions unless these have been explicitly arranged in writing. These conditions apply to all parts and contents of the online offers of the TRANSWAGGON Website.

2. Copyright

All rights regarding the design and content of this Website remain the property of TRANSWAGGON and are subject to copyright law and other intellectual property laws. Any copying or downloading of the Website or parts thereof is only permitted for private use by the user insofar as TRANSWAGGON has not requested the user to act otherwise (e.g. when being requested to download certain forms or information). Any reproduction, alterations or other use for commercial purposes, especially any transferral for sale, is strictly prohibited.

3. Recording and processing personal data

Whenever you visit the TRANSWAGGON Web pages, our Webserver will by default record the name of your Internet Service Provider, the Web page used to access our site, our Web pages visited by you as well as the date and the length of your visit. Any additional personal data is only recorded if you enter this information, e.g. when registering, carrying out a request or preparing a contract.

4. The use and transferral of personal data and the appropriation of the same

TRANSWAGGON will use your personal data for the technical administration of the Web pages, to administrate its customer data and for promotional purposes as required and only with your explicit permission. The recording and transferral of personal data for use by government agencies will only be carried out within the scope of mandatory national legal requirements. All our employees have been committed to refrain from disclosing any confidential information.

5. Links

Insofar as Internet pages operated by third parties have been linked to this Website, we herewith explicitly point out that TRANSWAGGON has no influence on the design and the content of these pages which have been linked to our Homepage. TRANSWAGGON thus herewith dissociates itself from all content and any editorial responsibility regarding all pages linked to the TRANSWAGGON Homepage. All links have been exclusively made to provide noncommittal information and services without TRANSWAGGON associating itself with the content in any form or manner.

6. No liability accepted for incorrect information

Even if we are assuming that all information and contents provided by us are correct, these can still contain errors or inaccuracies. TRANSWAGGON therefore stresses that it does not accept any liability for the correctness of the information and the contents on the TRANSWAGGON Website or for any consequences arising from the use of the information or contents thereof. We would especially like to point out that control duties and responsibilities assigned to business partners of TRANSWAGGON will not be affected by any services offered on the TRANSWAGGON Website. Warranties are not given either explicitly or tacitly.

7. Technical breakdowns

TRANSWAGGON assumes no responsibility for technical breakdowns or for breakdowns which lie outside the sphere of influence of TRANSWAGGON.

8. Access to pages protected or secured by password

Only authorised users are permitted to access password protected or otherwise secured pages of this Website.

9. Applicable law/Place of jurisdiction

German law applies exclusively to the use of the TRANSWAGGON Website. The place of jurisdiction for all disagreements resulting from the use of the Website is Hamburg/Germany.

(Issued December 2007)

Provision of public information according to the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG)

The Internet page is being operated by:

Heinrich-Hertz-Stra├če 115
22083 Hamburg

The company is being represented by the management:

Carsten Schiering
Rainer Zechendorf 

Responsible for data processing is
Joachim Dorn 

The purpose of the company is to administer, control, hire and supply railway wagons and to carry out transport assignments and all transactions relating to this field of business.

While carrying out the above assignments, data will be recorded, processed and used. This can relate to data from our customers, staff and suppliers insofar as this data is required to fulfil our organisational purpose.

Such stored data may be made available to public authorities on the basis of legal provisions which are being given priority, to external contractors as provided for in Article 11 of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG) and to external administrative units and internal TRANSWAGGON departments in the fulfilment of their organisational purpose.

Legislation has stipulated a number of duties for preserving books of account and other records for specified periods. Once these retention periods have expired, corresponding data which are not affected hereby will be routinely deleted if they no longer fulfil their organisational purpose.

We do not foresee a transferral of data to third countries.

A data protection officer has been appointed by the company.